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Advanced Prostate Health Support Formula

✅ Support the maintenance of prostate health
✅ Support peak urinary flow
✅ Increase comfort in urination
✅ Improve renal excretory function

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What is Prostan Plus?

As men grow older, their bodies tend to experience more health challenges. One prevalent problem they often face is related to their prostate, a part of the body that can cause issues as it gets bigger with age. This condition is known as prostate hypertrophy.

If challenges such as troublesome urination, persistent bladder pressure, or frequent restroom visits are disrupting your life, these signs could point to an enlarging prostate. 

With its unique blend of multiple ingredients, Prostan Plus contributes to the maintenance of healthy prostate function and supports normal urinary function. The supplement also helps with urinary comfort, allowing men to feel more at ease throughout the day.

With added benefits such as supporting peak urinary flow and renal excretory function, it's clear that Prostan Plus is a valuable addition to any man's daily wellness routine.

Experience the potential relief through Prostan Plus dietary supplement. This product is quite impressive because it's made entirely from natural ingredients.

It comes in the form of capsules, which are like small pills. These capsules are carefully designed to effectively support and maintain prostate health. 

In contrast to prescription drugs that can lead to undesired side effects, Prostan Plus utilizes the potency of thoroughly studied, natural plant-derived components.

This meticulously crafted mixture not only demonstrates its efficacy but also ensures its suitability for ingestion. By tackling urinary unease and challenges linked to the prostate, Prostan Plus enables men to take back authority over their everyday routines. 

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How Does Prostan Plus Work?

Prostan Plus is a natural supplement designed to address prostate-related problems and enhance overall prostate health. It presents a reliable and natural solution for men seeking to maintain their prostate well-being.

This supplement stands out as an exceptional choice due to its unique formulation, which leverages well-researched plant-based ingredients to deliver effective and safe results.

Unlike prescription medications that might lead to undesirable side effects, Prostan Plus harnesses the power of carefully selected plant-based ingredients.

By addressing issues related to urinary discomfort and prostate health, Prostan Plus empowers men to regain control over their daily lives. 

Prostan Plus functions by capitalizing on the potency of its key ingredients, working in harmony to fortify prostate health. The primary ingredient, saw palmetto, takes center stage in this formula. It effectively impedes the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a significant factor linked to prostate enlargement.

By inhibiting this conversion, Prostan Plus plays a pivotal role in slowing down the progression of prostate enlargement, ultimately contributing to the maintenance of a healthy prostate gland.

Additionally, the inclusion of beta-sitosterol in Prostan Plus adds another layer of support. This component actively contributes to reducing inflammation within the prostate and promoting improved urine flow.

Through these combined actions, the supplement effectively alleviates the discomfort often associated with prostate issues, fostering a higher quality of life for men.

Prostan Plus further strengthens its impact through the incorporation of zinc, a mineral that plays a vital role in maintaining hormone balance and supporting tissue repair. The presence of zinc within the formula contributes to the overall health of the prostate gland.

By orchestrating these diverse actions, the supplement not only alleviates urinary challenges but also enhances overall prostate function.

By using Prostan Plus consistently over time, men can experience progressive enhancements in their prostate health. This gradual yet steady improvement reinforces the supplement's reputation as a trustworthy option for those in search of natural remedies to address their prostate-related concerns.

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Prostan Plus Ingredients


Nettle Leaf Extract 

Nettle leaf extract is a powerful natural supplement. One of the most important things about this extract is its composition, which includes 4 percent polyphenols, as well as several vitamins and minerals that can help strengthen and support your body. With its comprehensive action, nettle leaf extract can do more than just enhance your health. It is known to support kidney function, reduce edema caused by the retention of excess water, and even provide relief for symptoms of urinary tract infections and prostate hypertrophy. 

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Pomegranate Seed Extract

Pomegranate seed extract is an ingredient which includes a wealth of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamins C and E, and a variety of essential salts. These nutrients give pomegranate seed extract a number of remarkable benefits, including anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce inflammation of the urinary tract. In addition, pomegranate seed extract is an antioxidant that can help remove harmful free radicals from the body, while also promoting homeostasis and restoring the body's natural balance. 

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Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto, also known as Sabal Palm, is a plant that has been increasingly sought after for its health benefits. With almost 45 percent of its composition made up of valuable fatty acids, this plant is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10, phytosterols and flavonoids. One of the key benefits of saw palmetto is its ability to maintain prostate health. It works by blocking the conversion of testosterone into the harmful variety dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Additionally, saw palmetto can help reduce urinary frequency and improve the overall function of the urinary system. 

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Small Flowered Willow Extract

Small-flowered willowberry extract is an incredibly diverse ingredient that has become increasingly popular in herbal medicine. It has long been used to treat a variety of ailments related to the prostate gland, thanks to its active compounds like quercetin, kemferol and sitosterols. This extract is effective at improving the flow of urine & reducing the frequency of urination. Its antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties are also highly prized. But perhaps most impressively, small-flowered willowberry extract can actually block enzymes responsible for prostate hypertrophy, making it an essential ingredient prostate health.

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African Cherry Bark Extract

Prostan Plus is a powerful supplement that is formulated to support the health of the prostate gland. One of the key ingredients in this product is African Cherry Bark Extract, which has been shown in studies to contribute to reducing inflammation of the urinary tract. Additionally, this extract is also believed to have the ability to stimulate the regeneration of prostate epithelial cells, which can play a critical role in maintaining prostate health. Another benefit of African Cherry Bark Extract is its ability to regulate excessive proliferation of the prostate gland, which can help to prevent the development of certain conditions that can negatively impact prostate health. 

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Tomato Fruit Extract

Tomatoes are a household favorite for their juicy and irresistible flavor. But did you know that they are also packed with vitamins and minerals that can do wonders for your health? This is why tomato fruit extract is an essential ingredient in the Prostan Plus dietary supplement. Apart from enhancing the taste, tomato fruit extract has numerous benefits such as lowering the risk of prostate cancer, fighting off harmful free radicals, reducing inflammation and proliferation, and detoxifying the body through its diuretic properties. 



Bioperine is a game-changing ingredient that has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. Sourced from black peppercorns, this extract is packed with piperine, an alkaloid that offers a wealth of health-promoting benefits. Not only is it a powerful antioxidant that helps rid the body of unwanted free radicals, but it also boasts impressive anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition, Bioperine is known to support liver function and bolster the immune system, making it an essential dietary supplement for those looking to boost their overall health and wellbeing. What's more, this extract has been shown to enhance the absorption of other active substances.

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Pumpkeen Seeds

Pumpkin seeds aren't just for carving and roasting into a tasty snack. They also contain a powerful extract with a unique set of nutrients that can benefit our health in many ways. Pumpkin seed extract has been found to contain up to 20 percent beta-sitosterols, along with a variety of B vitamins, vitamin C and K, and several essential minerals like zinc and magnesium. This nutrient-packed combination gives pumpkin seeds and Prostan Plus their remarkable properties, which include supporting prostate health by inhibiting its growth, improving urinary flow and reducing the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

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Zinc is an essential element needed for maintaining optimal health and well-being. Apart from its crucial role in conditioning our natural immunity, it also plays a vital role in protecting the prostate against diseases as well as regulating the body's hormonal balance. This includes the production of testosterone, the most important male hormone responsible for fertility. It has been found that a deficiency in zinc can lead to a multitude of health problems, including impaired immune function, low sperm count and a host of other hormonal imbalances. 

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Selenium is a powerful mineral that plays a vital role in our overall wellbeing, and its benefits extend far beyond what we might initially expect. For instance, did you know that selenium has been shown to effectively reduce inflammation of the prostate? Not only that, but it can also reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by a considerable margin. But that's not all – selenium also participates in the process of sperm production, making it an essential component of male reproductive health. With so many health benefits associated with this incredible mineral, it's no wonder that more and more people are turning to selenium supplementation as a means of safeguarding their long-term wellbeing.

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Vitamin E

We all want to stay healthy and live our best lives. One way to accomplish this is by ensuring we get enough vitamins and nutrients in our diets. Vitamin E is a powerhouse when it comes to protecting our cells from oxidative stress and damage. It also plays a role in supporting the health of our circulatory and immune systems. But did you know that vitamin E can also help relieve symptoms of prostate gland proliferation? It's true! So don't forget to add some vitamin E-rich foods to your plate, like nuts, seeds, and leafy greens, to keep your body happy and healthy.

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 Prostan Plus Features

Maintains Prostate Health:

Maintaining prostate health is crucial for every man's overall well-being. Thankfully, there is an exceptional supplement that can help you achieve optimal prostate health. Prostan Plus is a game-changer when it comes to promoting regular prostate function and reducing the challenges that come with aging. One of the significant benefits of this supplement is reducing the frequency of urination, making it easier to perform daily activities without interruptions. Additionally, taking Prostan Plus before bed can help reduce nighttime urination and prevent the urgency to empty the bladder. With Prostan Plus, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with taking care of your prostate health and living your life to the fullest.

Supports Kidney, Urinary & Reproductive System: 

Taking care of our health is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to vital organs like the prostate, urinary system, kidneys and reproductive system. It can be a daunting task to keep them functioning optimally, but with the help of prostan plus, we can ensure that our body receives all the necessary support and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Not only does prostan plus help support these essential systems, but it also provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to safeguard against infections and diseases. With a natural formula and strong benefits, prostan plus is a reliable solution to help maintain our overall wellbeing.

Helps To Maintain Vitality: 

Prostan Plus is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to sustain their daily routine with ease while promoting their overall well-being. This powerful supplement helps maintain vitality, keeping your energy levels optimal and helping you perform at your best. In addition to these benefits, Prostan Plus contributes to improving fertility and maintaining sexual function, ensuring that you have all the support you need for a fulfilling life. With Prostan Plus by your side, you can be confident that you're taking care of your body from the inside out.

Convenient Form of Administration: 

Taking care of your body means ensuring that you're getting all of the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to function properly. That's why Prostan Plus is a perfect addition to your routine. These convenient capsules offer a simple way to get all of the vital nutrients that your body needs without any fuss. The small size of the capsules makes them easy to swallow, and you'll barely even realize that you're taking them each day. With Prostan Plus, you can rest assured that you're taking care of your overall health and well-being with minimal effort.

Natural Ingredients:

Prostate health is a concern for many men, but luckily there are solutions out there to help combat any issues that may arise. Prostan Plus is a product that stands out from the rest, thanks to its powerful and effective natural ingredients. With just two capsules a day, you can experience the full benefits of this supplement and truly embrace your masculinity. The ingredients in Prostan Plus work together to promote optimal prostate health, and each individual ingredient plays a key role in achieving these lasting results. Discover the power of natural active ingredients and take control of your prostate health with Prostan Plus today.

WARNING:Stock levels of Prostan Plus™ are limited accept your reserved bottles NOW before your discount expires.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Prostan Plus is a multi-ingredient food supplement that supports prostate health. It contributes to the maintenance of healthy prostate function, supports the maintenance of normal urinary function and contributes to urinary comfort in men. Prostan Plus also supports peak urinary flow and renal excretory function.

Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract 
Pumpkin Seed Extract 
Pomegranate Seed Extract 
Nettle Leaf Extract
Small Flowered Willow Extract 
African Cherry Bark Extract 
Tomato Fruit Extract 
Black Pepper Fruit Extract 
Vitamin E 

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